A. P. State Civil Supplies Corporation Ltd.
    Regd.Office: 6-3-655/1/A, Civil Supplies Bhavan, Somajiguda,Hyderabad-500 082
Purchases in Accounts Package:In case Payment is made after purchase through OE-II (Eg. Salt),enter Cheque No. as NIL, Cheque Date as blank and Cheque Amount as 0.
For FREE commodities, enter Cheque No. as FREE, Chq.Date as blank, Chq.Amt. as 0, Rate as 0 and do not enter any Dr. & Cr.details.

Sales in Accounts Package:In case of FREE commodities, enter DD No. as FREE, DD Date as blank, DD Amt as 0, Rate as 0 and do not enter any Dr. and Cr. details.


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Stock Movement: See P.D.S Section.
Circular Regarding Group Insurance Scheme for Hamalies/Sweepers
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For Help:GM(PDS) 9848789001,GM(Fin) 9848789002,GM(Mktg) 9848789003, Ms.K.Sabitha,Sr.TD,NIC sabitha@ap.nic.in 040-23494510

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